ILA Berlin Tickets

Tickets for ILA Berlin 2022 

Tickets for ILA 2022 at BER Airport are sold out.

Please note that only people with a valid ticket (no voucher code!) will be admitted to the ILA grounds. Tickets are NOT transferable.  No tickets will be sold at the entrances either.

Tickets for the ILA are offered on the internet. Please note that these tickets can only be used by the person who registered the ticket first. ID checks will be carried out at the entrance. 

Access to ILA Digital is still possible, tickets are available on the ticket store. 
The live program of ILA Stages is available on the website.

Admission to the ILA is free for children under 6 years of age, accompanied by their parents − children do not need a ticket.
Older children must purchase the discounted private visitor ticket.

Parents are requested to provide children with suitable hearing protection at all times when entering the ILA grounds. Even without the individual flight demonstrations by the organizer, all visitors in the SDA area will be within noise range of the BER runway (south) with take-off/landing operations in progress.

As proof of discount for the reduced-price private visitor ticket are valid: Student ID, pupil ID, severely disabled ID (with indication "B" also with accompanying person, who receives free admission) and the service ID of the German Armed Forces. When entering the grounds, the relevant proof must be shown in addition to the reduced ticket.

Access to the digital ILA Career Hub platform is permitted from the age of 16. When purchasing an ILA Career Hub ticket, visitors with proof of discount have the opportunity to purchase a discounted upgrade to access ILA exhibition grounds on one of the private visitor days.