Upgreat 2019

The first ILA Berlin bag collection

In Upcycling – different from Downcycling – waste or discarded materials are transformed in new qualitative products. This way of recycling does not only help save resources, it gives a new usability to existing materials creating something valuable.

This upgrade helps save resources

Every two years, the ILA Berlin attracts more than 180,000 visitors to its fairgrounds. In order to help visitors orientate within the fair premises, a large number of banners and signage elements are produced. A considerable amount of material is needed for such arrangements much of which cannot be reused at future events.  .

As innovate as the displays are at ILA, Messe Berlin is future focused in its usage of valuable resources.  Messe Berlin and Goldland Media have developed a new concept that will please both ILA visitors and the environment.   Upcycling means that something new is created from discarded materials: the first ILA Berlin Bag Collection “UPGREAT 2019”.

This collection consists of three different carrybags: backpacks made out of former hall banners; gym bags made out of flags and shopping bags made of outdated signage elements.

This creative repurposing makes for a limited collection of unique one-of-a-kind bags – wholly designed and produced in Berlin.

nbw – Nordberliner Werkgemeinschaft

The manufacturer of the ILA Collection: A COOPERATIVE WORKSHOP

...providing employment for people with disabilities.

The NBW is set up broadly as a reliable supplier in Berlin. The NBW gGmbH provides services in woodworking, sewing, laundry and printing. The ILA bag collection was entirely produced here.


KUNST-STOFFE - ARTificial Materials

The Berlin-based non-for-profit initiative Kunst-Stoffe – Zentralstelle für wiederverwendbare Materialien e.V.(ARTfulMaterials), a centralized collection point for reusable materials, collects and stores what appears as „trash“ in order to offer it for sale at reasonable prices.

Materials such as wood scrap, cardboard or paint, as well as  tiles and decorations on to fabrics and packaging: material in good condition is donated by home improvement centers, craftsmen, companies, conventions centers and private individuals and passed on to artists, education providers or do-it-yourselfers.