Helicopters: vtol innovations

The Bundeswehr, national and international industry, researchers as well as users present their latest innovations in the field of helicopters in- and outdoor. 
Manufacturers, operators and service providers will be talking to buyers from the military and civilian sectors. 
At the ILA Defence & Support Stage, exhibitors will provide information and discuss the training, deployment and performance spectrum of helicopters and their systems.
Representatives of the German Armed Forces will also be providing information on current procurement programs and new approaches to logistical support.


Ein Helikopter auf der ILA Helikopter Messe
Ein Helikopter Hersteller hält einen Vortrag auf der ILA Helikopter Messe
Ein Hubschrauber auf der ILA Hubschrauber Messe
Ein Helikopter auf der ILA Helikopter Messe

Industry will showcase the latest helicopter innovations in a dedicated area, which includes an outdoor section. The Bundeswehr along with civilian actors, national airborne search and rescue services and disaster relief workers will show what modern helicopters are capable of – for all of the armed forces.

An indispensible role

Unlike airplanes, helicopters can stand still in the air, sometimes fly backwards and even land where there is no runway. With these capabilities, they can be used in a variety of ways, including as lifesavers:

Patient transport

Equipped for intensive care, helicopters can transport patients whose lungs or heart need artificial support, for example, or patients suffering from COVID-19 who need to be transferred.

Disaster assistance

Rescue helicopters can also operate in extreme weather conditions and rescue injured mountaineers from crevasses, for example. Or if a ship is in trouble at sea, the crew can be lifted into the helicopter via a winch. 

Police operations

In action for greater safety: police helicopters are equipped with thermal imaging and daylight cameras that enable observation and surveillance even at night.

Maintenance of offshore sites

Provided with the appropriate equipment, helicopters transport technicians and spare parts, for example, to wind turbines on the open sea.

Military transport and support missions

Precisely because of their versatility, helicopters play an essential role for the air force, army and navy.  They cover the entire spectrum of military operations. 

Patient transport, Disaster assistance, Police operations, Maintenance of offshore sites, Military transport and support missions