5 questions to Pierre Godart, CFO at ArianeGroup and CEO of ArianeGroup Deutschland

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1    What are you most looking forward for the next ILA Berlin Airshow?

ILA is one of the most important meeting points for the aerospace sector in Europe. It is always a highlight and it offers an excellent opportunity to exchange and to meet new members of the community. Especially after this long (forced) break, I’m looking forward to meeting colleagues in person again. Of course, we will also be showing new products such as Astris, an optional add-on to Ariane 6’s upper stage and Promotheus, a reusable engine demonstrator, which is partly produced via 3D-print, as well as  the GeoTracker-System for the surveillance of Space - just to name a few of our latest developments.

2    For you personally, how does the industry add value for our society?

With its launches, ArianeGroup ensures that Europe‘s access to space does not depend on other States Earth observations, Navigation systems or telecommunication would not be possible without Launchers. More than ever, being able to observe the Earth from space is essential to enable the global exchange of information, to provide data for analyzing climate change and to help monitor crisis areas. The importance of independent access to space for Europe has become particularly apparent in recent months.

3    How does your specific company contribute to sustainability / innovation / new technologies in a concrete way? 

Innovation is at the core of our firm’s DNA. In many areas, our innovative solutions have a very positive impact. For example, the development of engines, some of which are produced via 3D-print, reduces the number of individual parts, significantly reduces the costs and shortens production times. Upper stages made of carbon fiber composite, sustainable fuels like hydrogen fuel as well as new processes that significantly shorten the integration cycles for the Ariane 6 are further examples. 

4    Please elaborate on the best decision you made in your professional career? What advice would you give the younger generation about choosing a career in aerospace? 

Space travel is fascination. Space travel is inspiration. Space travel is so broad that there are a multitude of perspectives. Be it in research, in science, in the application of space technologies or in the development and the construction of launchers, spaceships or satellites. Last year, ArianeGroup launched the “Booster Award”, a mentoring programm aimed specifically at female students from the MINT field. As part of the Career Days at the ILA on the 25June, we will be launching the 2nd Booster Award “into orbit” in the hope of receiving a large number of interesting and exciting applications.

My basic advice to all young people is: Follow your dreams and reach for the stars, but make sure to start from a solid base. My colleagues are looking forward to informing you about interesting training opportunities in aerospace on the Career Day.

5    If you could meet one famous aerospace personality - living or dead: Who would it be and why? 

Neil Armstrong. Departing into the unknown with the risk of failure in mind. I would like to ask him how it feels to set foot on the surface of the moon.