5 questions for Jutta Schull, BJS Ceramics GmbH

Portraits - Pioneers from the aerospace industry and political decision-makers give personal insights and provide their assessment of current industry trends.

1    What are your personal expectations for #ILA22 – what are you most looking forward to?

It will be my second ILA Berlin Airshow. Our start-up has considerably grown since our first ILA, and #ILA22 will be another huge stepping stone to present a true novum in Europe: Silicon Carbide Fibers made in Europe! We are Europe’s only Silicon Carbide Fiber producer – making our continent independent from oversea supplies! Silicon Carbide Fibers are the basis for our ultrahigh-temperature-resistant lightweight ceramic materials for hydrogen turbines and space applications.

2    What key trends do you currently see in the aerospace industry?

We see a clear trend towards autarky and the need for robust reliable supply chains due to the past years’ geopolitical developments. We also see that efforts in conquering space are increasingly fierce. To both, we contribute with our material solutions!

3    What do you enjoy most about your job and why did you choose aerospace? 

I enjoy most the freedom to shape the future of the company, creating meaningful jobs, and providing material solutions that enable e.g. CO2-free aviation via hydrogen turbines. As advice, I can only say what has worked for me: a mixture of curiosity, especially for technology, the desire to shape the future, hard work and through it all: Having fun whilst doing what I do and working with great people! The power of a well-coordinated team can never be underestimated!

4    If you could meet one famous aerospace personality – from today or from the past: Who would it be and why?

ANSWER: Eisenhower – he founded the NASA in 1958 – turning space from a purely military focus to a civil use – was visionary. It would be great to hear his ideas for the future of space.

5    From the perspective of your company, how does it contribute to sustainability / innovation / new technologies in a concrete way? 

With our ceramic fibre reinforced ceramics, we provide a proven solution for reusable space vehicles, but most importantly: We are Europe’s only developer and producer of Silicon Carbide Fibres. We have set-up an all-EU-supply chain. Our products are indispensable for turbines. In the short- to mid-term in order to operate significantly more efficient at higher temperatures with fossil or SAF fuels or mixtures thereof – thus reducing CO2 emissions and noise. On the mid- to long-term in order to enable turbines to operate solely with green hydrogen on the way to a CO2

Jutta Schull