5 questions for Joachim Drenckhan, Country Manager Germany, AERTEC

Portraits - Pioneers from the aerospace industry and political decision-makers give personal insights and provide their assessment of current industry trends

1    Do you have a special memory at ILA Berlin (Respectively: It’s your first ILA Berlin …) and what are your personal expectations for #ILA22? 

This is AERTEC’s first time at the ILA Berlin, and I am very proud and excited to be part of this premiere. ILA Berlin is one of the most important exhibitions in the aerospace industry, and as an engineering and consulting company specializes in the aerospace sector, I consider it as a must to participate. 

Besides meeting new and existing business partners, colleagues and friends, I am particularly interested in discussing approaches to sustainability and decarbonization of the aviation industry. The constant quest for innovation and improvement is deeply embedded in our company culture, and I think that ILA Berlin is the right place to create synergies between different companies.

2    For you personally, do you see a most important trend in aerospace at the very moment? 

Decarbonization and sustainability is a key topic for the entire aerospace industry. Currently, various approaches such as electric drives, hydrogen propulsion, fuel cells and sustainable fuels for aircraft are being developed or tested. Nevertheless, it is still not clear which technology will ultimately prevail. In addition, the issue of "urban air mobility" – for example air transport in cities - will have a major impact on the aviation industry and on our perception of air transport. We have only just begun to explore the possibilities...

3    Please elaborate on the best decision you made in your professional career. What advice would you give the younger generation about choosing a career in aerospace?

The best decision in my professional career was to complete a thorough education with a focus on aeronautics, while also taking an interest in other fields. This approach enabled me to work in various areas within the aerospace field and gain many different experiences. My advice? Do what you do with all your heart and if you get a chance to learn something, make the most of it for yourself.

4    For you personally, how does the industry add value for the economy / our society? 

I believe that interpersonal relationships being created and maintained through face-to-face meetings are stronger and more lasting. Especially in difficult situations, whether professional or private, personal conversations can help find solutions that would have otherwise not been possible. 
The aviation industry brings people together like no other industry and therefore plays an important role in our globalised society.

5    From the perspective of your company, how does it contribute to sustainability / innovation / new technologies in a concrete way? 

At AERTEC, we believe that increasing aircraft efficiency is an important element for the future of the aerospace industry. One of our greatest innovations is to contribute to the development of  electric aircraft (More Electric Aircraft) by designing and developing smaller but more powerful electrical systems.
In addition, our engineers are helping to develop new technologies in many other areas that will make the aviation industry more efficient.