Focus on SMEs at ILA Berlin

On day two of ILA Berlin, five brief presentations on the ISC Stage in Hall 1 impressively highlighted the wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represented at the International Suppliers Center:

Toolcraft (Hall 1/220) is a 3D printing specialist based in Georgensgmünd, Bavaria, which also markets tailored turnkey robotic products, and with them the entire processing chain from the initial concept to production, as well as precision parts in CNC metal cutting, additive manufacturing and injection moulding and mould and die production. Part of the company’s philosophy is virtual customer training, as well as maintaining close contact with joint venture partners and higher education and research institutions. Proxivison (Hall 1/360) is based in Bensheim in the state of Hesse and a supplier of innovative optoelectronic products to OEM customers and consumers. The company specialises in UV solar blind detectors which are used both in a military environment and for inspecting high-voltage power lines. The devices are lightweight, small and can be fully controlled online. Astrofein (Hall 6/260) from Adlershof develops, manufactures and tests space flight components and systems. The SME’s core business is small-scale satellites, position control, structures, mechanisms and payloads. ASTROFEIN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reaction wheels featuring intelligent electronics for controlling the position of satellites weighing up to six tonnes. The 90 employees develop, manufacture and integrate the systems entirely in-house and have a 100 square-metre clean room at their disposal.

X2E Aerospace Technologies (Hall 3/462) from Wildau in Brandenburg markets a particularly wide range of services, with a focus on collecting and processing aviation data. Its in-house developed logging device can store up to three Gigabits of data per second. It also deals with development and manufacturing services, testing on board its own research aircraft based in Strausberg, and everything to do with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Dessia is based in Antony, France, and has developed a special software tool for increasing efficiency in development processes, which has already been put to successful use by several companies in the aviation and automotive sectors. The programme is mainly used to accelerate decision-making when evaluating various development paths.