ILA CareerCenter

The aerospace job fair

The ILA CareerCenter brings employers and their future employees together. Over 40 companies and institutions will present their training programs and career opportunities.

Thousands of students, graduates and young professionals are looking for their ticket into the industry at the ILA CareerCenter.

The fair is not only for those at the beginning of their professional life – people looking for a career change will find attractive offers as well.

04/27 - 04/29/2018


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Hochschulforum – jetzt für 2018 anmelden

Die ILA Berlin bietet Universitäten, Hochschulen und Forschungsinstituten auch 2018 wieder die einmalige Chance, sich im Hochschulforum zu präsentieren. Die einzigartige Plattform bringt die Einrichtungen mit jungen Interessenten zusammen.

Vom 25. bis 29. April 2018 haben Schülern und Absolventen dort die Möglichkeit, sich über Studien- und Berufswege in der Branche zu informieren. An welcher Hochschule kann man welches Fach studieren? Welche Schwerpunkte haben die verschiedenen Hochschulen? Und welche Forschungsinstitute gibt es in der Luft- und Raumfahrt? Vor Ort können Interessenten mit Vertretern der Institute sprechen und ihre Fragen stellen.

Infos für Aussteller

Aussteller können zu einem vergünstigten Preis im Hochschulforum einen Stand mieten. Melden Sie sich dafür in der Exhibitor Zone an und reservieren Sie Ihre Standfläche.


Find the experts of tomorrow

Are you looking for the aerospace experts of tomorrow? You’ll find them at ILA. The ILA CareerCenter is the ideal networking platform to get in touch with young professionals. Showcase your company or your institution at your own booth, or present your entry and career opportunities in a talk. Recruit for specific positions at the ILA higher education and job fair – and talk to potential applicants right on the spot.

Take full advantage of Germany’s reputation as an appealing European melting pot for young people with disruptive new ideas – it’s where aviation know-how is concentrated. Use the ILA CareerCenter to inspire your company.


Immerse yourself in the aerospace world

Whether you’re an airline pilot, engineer, aircraft mechanic at a maintenance firm or an aviation salesperson at an airport – the aerospace industry offers a wide range of training and career opportunities. At ILA, you will meet potential employers in person and find out all about study programs and training courses.

All the industry’s best players are there to present themselves and their job offers at booths, as well as during presentations and panel discussions. And at the higher education and job fair you can look for (and find!) concrete job offers.

Many companies offer interactive experiences at the BDLI Career Workshop. It’s where you can test your skills and expand your practical knowledge of careers in the aerospace industry.

Use the ILA to speak personally with representatives of companies, government agencies, or the German Bundeswehr. Discuss possible thesis topics, inquire about internship placements or set up an application date. Experts from personnel departments will also give you tips on how to prepare a strong application and make a good impression at interviews.

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