5 questions to Andrea Luebke, Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy, MTU Aero Engines AG

Portraits - Pioneers of the aerospace industry and political decision-makers provide personal insights and their assessment of current industry trends.

1    What are the biggest trends in the aerospace industry today?

I do believe that data access and the ability to combine information from the engine/aircraft with information from the environment will influence our business model. Another trend we are facing is the strong request for sustainable flying and for new technologies to support this target.

2    What can MTU do to contribute to sustainability / innovation / new technologies in a concrete way?

We at MTU just updated our technology agenda “Claire” (Clean Air Engine). Key elements of this program are an evolutionary enhancement of the gas turbine engine based on the geared turbofan (GTF) as well as revolutionary propulsion concepts such as the water-enhanced turbofan (WET) engine and the flying fuel cell (FFC). In the long term, this hydrogen-powered fuel cell has the potential to deliver virtually emissions-free flight. Besides our product technology we continuously improve our global footprint at all MTU sites – e.g. being climate neutral since 2021 at our headquarters in Munich.

3    From your personal point of view, how does the aerospace industry add value to the economy / our society?

Aviation connects people. Our industry is an ambassador for global cooperation and helps to bring people and cultures closer together. In addition, we are making an important contribution within our society to the recognition of the enormous importance of hydrogen availability for any climate-neutral solutions in aviation.

4    Please elaborate on the best decision you made in your professional career? What advice would you give the younger generation about choosing a career in aerospace?

The aviation industry comes with an amazing structure of networks – most of your partners are your customers and suppliers as well as competitors. Once you get started in the industry, you should change roles and functions as much as you can to gain as much experience as possible. The best decision for me was to change industries and start in aviation 20 years ago. 

5    How does your company contribute to sustainability, innovation or new technologies?

We at MTU work on sustainable engine propulsion technology – see our technology agenda “Claire”. Beyond that, we consider an innovative and inclusive culture to be an equally important contribution as the product for shaping the future of aviation. If you would like to find out more – come and join us!