Defense & security: Facing future threats

The demands placed by modern society on its armed forces are wide-ranging and complex – they include managing crises and conflicts, defending national borders and alliances, helping to combat hybrid threats and providing relief in disaster areas. At ILA the armed forces and industry show how they can meet this wide range of challenges both now and in the future.

  • Learn about current military procurement programs.
  • Speak with military delegations.
  • Engage in discussions with highranking officials from the military in Germany and from other nations.
  • Discuss the role of the armed forces today and in the future.


ILA is where the world’s armed forces exhibit their systems. Every type of modern system, from helicopters to jet fighters, can be seen on the runways and in the skies. This is where you can meet mechanics, pilots and generals – the Bundeswehr, the show’s biggest exhibitor, features a comprehensive display and is ready to answer questions from both trade visitors and the general public.

ILA Berlin Defense
ILA Berlin Defense
ILA Berlin Defense
ILA Berlin Defense


With its high-tech solutions the military industry helps to ensure the armed forces are always able to fulfil their role as safely and efficiently as possible. Together with cybersecurity, digitalization and interconnectivity form the basis for an increasingly wide use of unmanned aerial systems in military aviation.


Airborne weapons systems are among the most technically demanding that armed forces such as the Bundeswehr possess. Maintaining them is a highly complex task – for technical reasons, in terms of expertise and due to the need for experienced personnel. Ensuring the operational capability of these airborne systems is the joint responsibility of air forces, as their operators, and the industry – ranging from large systems manufacturers to specialised SMEs. The Military Support Center (MSC) places special emphasis on close cooperation between the Bundeswehr and the industry supplying the system.


ILA Berlin is where high-ranking generals, senior politicians representing defense and security as well as defense industry and cybersecurity experts can exchange views. Numerous international delegations and a wide-ranging programme of conferences round off events, offering trade visitors and the general public a unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue with political and military decision-makers and the industry.

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Defense budgets on the rise

Defense expenditures are now on the rise after a decades-long decline. In Germany, the budget is increasing at an above-average rate compared to the government’s overall federal budget.

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Defense spending quota for NATO nations

NATO nations strive to spend two percent of GDP on defense by 2024. An ambitious goal, especially for many European partners.

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