Defense & security: Facing future threats

At ILA 2018, France and Germany gave the green light to Europe’s most ambitious defense undertaking. Currently, the German military already cooperates with partners across Europe on defense projects worth billions. That’s why defense procurement programs are one of the top issues at ILA Berlin 2020.

  • Learn about current military procurement programs.
  • Speak with military delegations.
  • Engage in discussions with highranking officials from the military in Germany and from other nations.
  • Discuss the role of the armed forces today and in the future.

A world-class forum for security policy

ILA Berlin fosters dialogue between high-ranking generals, leading politicians working on defense and security issues as well as defense industry experts and cyber security researchers. Military aircraft can be assessed both on the ground and in the air, while visitors will have the chance to see cutting-edge designs first-hand.

In the Military Pavilion, industry and the military will present a wide-range of successful cooperations between defense forces and industrial partners. Ideas for potential future collaborations will also be on the agenda. ILA 2018 truly stands out for its international character, with delegations expected from over 100 nations. In short: ILA is destined to showcase the power and scope of Europe’s military aerospace industry.

ILA Berlin Defense
ILA Berlin Defense
ILA Berlin Defense
ILA Berlin Defense

Industry solutions

Defense issues have moved up the agenda due to dramatic shifts in global security over the past years. With modern air forces, nations have a range of options at their disposal and can act with sovereignty on the world stage. This point is especially relevant for Germany and other countries that seek to step up and take on more responsibility in the global security architecture. ILA Berlin features visionary industry solutions and technologies, including:


The fighter aircraft of the future will be a team player. With the program known as “Future Combat Air System,” the aerospace industry is developing an integrated solution in the area of manned-unmanned teaming. Fighter aircraft will be capable of operating with drone swarms and maintain close integration with satellites, cargo aircraft, tankers and ground forces.


It is estimated that damage from cyberattacks in Europe alone totals hundreds of billions of Euros every year. Advances in digitalization and the rise of a global network require strong cyber defenses.

New cooperations

How can we make sure that soldiers have access to first-rate aircraft? And how can we reduce the time needed for aircraft maintenance? At the Military Pavilion, the defense industry and international armed forces will showcase best practices and explore possibilities for future collaborations.

Air transport

Transporting soldiers and heavy equipment to isolated, hard-to-reach areas is one of the key tasks of the air force. Military transport aircraft can face the toughest conditions – the industry will present their performance capabilities.


Unmanned aviation is one of today’s top trends, also in the defense industry. These systems are already capable of executing crucial reconnaissance missions and can minimize risk to soldiers. The market for unmanned aircraft systems is expected to see fast growth in the coming years.

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Defense budgets on the rise

Defense expenditures are now on the rise after a decades-long decline. In Germany, the budget is increasing at an above-average rate compared to the government’s overall federal budget.

ILA2018 - infographic defense budget

Defense spending quota for NATO nations

NATO nations strive to spend two percent of GDP on defense by 2024. An ambitious goal, especially for many European partners.

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