Static Display Area and Aircraft

Aircraft of any type – from historic aircraft to modern jumbo jet and innovative drones – ILA Berlin shows them all on the unique display area of around 150.000 m².

Be part of it and show your newest airplane to around 180.000 visitors. Get in touch with business partners, politicians and aviation fans the static display area is without doubt THE attraction at ILA Berlin.

Demonstrate your aircraft at ILA Berlin 2020:

  • About 150.000 m² outdoor area including static display
  • Positioned prominently and clearly visible
  • Broad audience of around 150.000 trade and public visitors
  • Own runway for arrival and departure
  • Attractive flight program with many highlights

Please note: When displaying aircraft the following additional costs may apply:

  • Landing and serivce fee

  • Exhibition fee by MTOW or price per square meter

  • Costs for ground handling services based on usage (e.g. stairs, power)

  • Flight operational costs based on usage (e.g. aviation fuel, cleaning)

  • Services based on usage of external providers (e.g. stand construction, barriers)

Registration with the ILA Team is mandatory if you would like to participate at the exhibition with an aircraft.

The ILA flight operations team is handling further operational details. They will contact you after you completed your online registration.


Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist.

Oliver Hellwig

T +49 30 3038 2145
F +49 30 3038 2053