Helicopters: The world of rotary wing aircraft in one place

ILA Berlin is where the global helicopter sector meets. Manufacturers can touch base with buyers from the military and civilian sectors. To round off the program, the Bundeswehr will present a wide-ranging series of talks for trade visitors and the public alike.

ILA Helikopter
ILA Helikopter
ILA Helikopter
ILA Helikopter

Industry will showcase the latest helicopter innovations in a dedicated area, which includes an outdoor section. The Bundeswehr along with civilian actors, national airborne search and rescue services and disaster relief workers will show what modern helicopters are capable of – for all of the armed forces.

An indispensible role

Modern helicopters can be deployed in a variety of ways:

Patient transport

When equipped with intensive care equipment, helicopters can transport patients requiring ventilators or cardiac support.

Disaster assistance

Rescue helicopters are able to operate even under extreme weather conditions. For example, they can rescue fallen hikers from crevices.

Police operations

Police helicopters are equipped with thermal imaging and low-light cameras, which enable nighttime surveillance and observation.

Maintenance of offshore sites

If equipped with the proper equipment, helicopters can transport maintenance technicians and replacement parts to wind energy sites in the open sea.

Military transport and support missions

Helicopters can be deployed in more situations than any other aircraft. That’s why they play a significant role for the air force, army and navy.

Patient transport, Disaster assistance, Police operations, Maintenance of offshore sites, Military transport and support missions