Review ILA 2018

ILA 2018: Firework of innovations

2018 ILA Berlin was the attraction of the international aviation industry. 1,100 exhibitors from 41 countries demonstrated their high-tech products, research and development projects. More than 180,000 trade and public visitors attended the leading aviation industry exhibition of innovations. The highlights:

Innovations for the future of flying

The topics eco-efficiency and digitalization dominate the current debate in the aviation industry. ILA Berlin displayed pioneering innovations, such as the worldwide first pre-series demonstrator of a pressure bulkhead made out of ultralight CFRP. A significant weight reduction and thus fuel savings is achieved by this new material. Rolls-Royce demonstrated its vision of an interconnected and adaptive engine at ILA Berlin. Thanks to digital technology engines will recognize and report in advance the necessity of maintenance and repair work.

Unmanned aircraft systems on the rise

Autonomous flying air taxis could soon determine the future of urban mobility. At ILA FutureLab Airbus presented its plans with the CityAirbus model. Some day the autonomous flying helicopter shall transport four passengers within one city. Already by the end of 2018 this aircraft shall start for its maiden flight. Also at ILA FutureLab the start-up Skysense demonstrated its innovative charging system for drone batteries. The system increases the flight duration of drones and thus extends its fields of applications. Skysense is already in use by NASA, General Electrics, Prosegur and companies in the areas of security, inspections, logistic and agriculture.

Largest space exhibition in Europe

ILA Berlin is the major space exhibition in Europe. Current and future missions as well as the subsequent benefits of these missions for humankind were displayed in a dedicated space hall. The Astronauts’ Day and the ILA Space Day give insights into life in space and form an important stage for discussion for essential future space topics.

Fascination of flying

On the ground and in the air around 200 aircraft were on display. Among them civil premieres like the 100th Emirates A380, the A350 and A340 BLADE, the Airbus Beluga, Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-8 and the Antonov 225. In military aviation ILA 2018 scored with the naval surveillance aircraft Kawasaki P1 from Japan, the US-American stealth multirole fighter F35 and the heavy-lift cargo helicopter CH-53K from Lockheed Martin.

The Federal Government of Germany supports the aviation industry

ILA 2018 also showed: The German politics stands behind the industry. Chancellor Angela Merkel in company with the Federal Minister of Transportation Andreas Scheuer and the new coordinator for the aviation industry Thomas Jarzombek officially opened the exhibition. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier announced investment in the areas of digitalization, unmanned mobility and eco-efficiency. And Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen together with her French counterpart paved the way for several joint armament programmes, among them the development of a new generation of fighter jet.

ILA 2018 in numbers