Frequently asked questions and answers

General information

How to register for a conference?

Please click here to start the registration process for your conference room booking.

Costs and equipment of conference rooms

How big are the conference rooms and how much do they cost?

The rental duration for a conference room is half a day. Rental Price:

• for      50      participants      1,500.00 EUR
• for    100      participants      1,800.00 EUR
• for    150      participants      2,100.00 EUR
• for    200      participants      2,500.00 EUR

The specified number of participants based on the theatre seating. Other seating alternatives are available for a surcharge. All prices listed exclude costs of value-added tax.

Are there any costs in case of withdrawal of conference room reservations?

Until March 22th, 2020 conference rooms can be cancelled free of charge. 50 % of the space rental fee will be charged for conferences cancelled after March 23th, 2020.

What kind of technical equipment is included in the rent for a meeting room rent?

The rent includes the costs for infrastructure and hall security services, room cleaning, energy lump sum, microphone/PA system, headphones, projector, technical support, specific page on the ILA conference website and 5 tickets. The technical equipment also includes theatre seating, podium and lectern.

Additional conference equipment can be ordered from Messe Berlin at an extra charge.

Do all conference rooms have their seating in theatre style or are there other seating types possible?

All conference rooms are equipped in theatre style. But you can also choose other seating types, for example U-shape or classroom style, for a surcharge. Please note that the capacity of the meeting room will be changed with all other seating arrangements.

Seating capacities:

Theatre style                                            U-shape                                             Classroom style

          50                                                       18-20                                                          20-25

        100                                                       24-28                                                          40-44

        150                                                          41                                                               77

        200                                                          40                                                               88

For more information and ordering, please use the Service form in the Download Area of the ILA conference Website.

Arrival and cloakroom

How do the participants get to the exhibition grounds and to the conference center (hall 1)?

You will find detailed information in the download area for travelling by public transport as well as for your individual journey at a later date.

Will there be any cloakroom facilities available?

Yes. For conference participants there will be a cloakroom available, including the storage of luggage.

Organizers and contact persons

Who organizes the conferences? Who do I contact if there are any questions?

ILA Berlin is a platform where independent conference organizer, for example research institutions, associations, companies or public institutions conduct their own events. The ILA Berlin provides the infrastructure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions.

Ms. Désirée Danisch
Organization/ Technical equipment/ Invoice/ General questions
Tel: +49 (0)30 3038-2014
E-Mail: Desiree.Danisch@messe-berlin.de

Mr. Ekkehard Münzing
Head of ILA Conferences
Tel +49 (0)175-1821371
Email muenzing@ila-berlin.de

Will there be any support for the marketing of my conference?

Before the ILA Berlin starts, the ILA conference website is one of the most trafficked sites of the ILA website. Each conference has its own page in this area, for which the organizer receives an access. You can enter and maintain your event, including the title of event, complete program, logos, contacts of the organizer and PDF documents, in that area. Also you can even unlock an online application for your event. We do not charge the conference organizers additional costs for this service.

In addition for your advertising you will find an event banner available in the download area.

Who can participate on ILA conferences?

Participation and costs depend on the terms of conditions of each conference organizer. You find more information on the ILA conference website.

Please note that all participants must have a valid ticket to enter the fairground.

Further services

Where can I order catering for my event?

Catering services for your conference are not included in the rental contract. But it is possible to order catering via Capital Catering (a subsidiary of Messe Berlin). Please check the catering form in the download area for details.

For further requests please contact Capital Catering directly: Ms Barbara Baarts, Tel +49 (0)30 3038 3929 oder
Email Barbara.Baarts@capital-catering.de

I need additional technical equipment. Can I book these through the ILA-Team?

Yes, we offer a wide range of additional technical equipment. You will find the details and the order form in the download area of the conference Website.

Where can I order additional services for my event, for example interpretation services or hostesses?

For more information please contact Ms. Désirée Danisch (Tel +49 (0)30 3038-2014,  Email Desiree.Danisch@messe-berlin.de).