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Hufschmied is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality tools for machining in manufacturing and a provider of performance strategies for increased process efficiency in all kinds of materials. We aim at lowering your costs per part. An early focus on the processing of polymers, glass fibre materials and carbon fibre allowed Hufschmied to attain a top position in the development of solutions for new materials in Europe. The majority of our customers are OEMs, Tier 1 and 2 in the aerospace, automotive, medicine and tool and mould construction. Hufschmied tools are in the production lines for the fuselage, nacelles, HTP/VTP, interiors, doors, floor panels and more. The current projects are represented in the commercial and defence segment in aerospace. Through our expertise with various partners we are working on innovative manufacturing processes such as controlled process monitoring, in-line quality controls and more. The headquarter is located in Bobingen near Munich and offices can be found in Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. We are a proud member of the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), Composite United and BavAIRia.


Up to 40% cost savings due to customer connected tool development

Due to a perfect coordination of a cutter geometry with a patented diamond – coating, tools from the HEXACUT® Eco milling tool range can perform both roughing and smoothing at high speeds. Especially in more demanding material combinations with copper-mesh, such as the CRP-M21E material used in the aerospace industry, most post-processing can be avoided with these tools.  This saves time and costs. The new tool by Hufschmied is able to minimise the typical delamination, splintering, fibre protrusions and thermal damage inherent in CRP/GRP materials. A high stock removal rate and a long service life will pay off: Up to 40% of processing costs can be saved, as demonstrated in real-life customer projects.

Innovative Machining with unique Ultrasound Cutting

Ultrasound cutting is an excellent method to separate, for example, delicate honeycomb materials as used in aircraft construction. For the refinement of this process, Hufschmied has developed a new type of monobloc solid carbide (SC) blades. These blades are able to glide through the material with an up to 10-times increased oscillation amplitude and an up to 100% increased cutting performance as compared to current blades. These optimised blades are available directly via the suppliers of ultrasound systems, in lengths ranging from 7 mm to 125 mm.

Innovative Machining with unique Ultrasound Cutting

No more manual finishing of composites – this is achieved with an optimal combination of cutting tool, CNC milling machine and high-quality composite materials. A shining practical example is the cooperation between precision tool manufacturer HUFSCHMIED, the machine manufacturer BIESSE and the material supplier MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CARBON FIBER AND COMPOSITES. Download the article of the Compositi Magazine for more information.


What you can expect

  • Hundreds of standard and special tools including patented geometries and patented coating

  • Consulting for production-process

  • Specification drawing up

  • Exact technical implementation protocols

  • Innovation via controlled process monitoring, in-line quality controls and more

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