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New Precision Chucks for Micro Machining

For the smallest and finest surfaces

In micro applications, the demands on accuracy of the components that need to be machined are very high. Therefore the Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG, located in Wernau, has expanded its product range with the Micro Precision Chuck. This allows operators to clamp tools with diameters of one to six millimetre variably, safely and with high precision. It ensures an ideal concentricity, is slim and maintenance-free.

The new Micro Precision Chuck is available in various lengths and is characterized by a very slim interference contour of D1=13.5 mm. The operator can choose between peripheral and central cooling. Peripheral cooling, for example, increases the process capability through an additional cooling and rinsing effect. Compared to a shrink fit chuck, the new micro precision chuck shows significantly better damping properties. The perfect concentricity of ≤ 3 μm 2.5xD and the high clamping force ensure a high process reliability. Because of its slim design, it is also suitable for hard-to-reach processing areas. The Micro Precision Chuck reaches a rotational frequency of up to 40,000 rpm. Further to this the new collet is designed with a flat cone angle and a second cylindrical guide in order to achieve a high clamping force, bending rigidity and precision. The included internal hex key ensures easy opening and closing. In addition the collet is specially coated, which significantly extends the service life.

Suitable for the various machining centres and milling machines, the chucks are available with tapers according to DIN 69893 (HSK), for tool holders JIS B 6339 (ISO 7388-2) (MAS BT) and DIN 69871 (ISO 7388-1).

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With the new

Micro Precision Chuck

from Albrecht,

operators can clamp

tools with diameters of

one to six millimetre

variably, safely and

with high precision.



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Albrecht offers a new High-Performance-Chuck especially for Volume Cutting

Going max with highest cutting performance

The chip removal rate is an important factor in measuring the productivity of tools and machines of the manufacturing technology. Operators can significantly improve these factors through higher cutting and feed rates - for example with the new precision chuck 'Albrecht Ultra'. Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG located in Wernau has developed this efficient solution for diameters of 16 to 25 millimetres.

Albrecht has developed the new high-performance chuck especially for volume cutting and machining difficult-to-machine materials. These include components for the aircraft industry. The Ultra Series, which is designed slim from the outside shape, is scheduled for market launch in two sizes for clamping ranges from 16 to 25 millimetres in September 2019. The tools are clamped by a mechanical tensioning gear and a flat coned collet with special coating. This ensures the operator an extraordinarily high clamping force, good damping properties and a high process reliability.

The high balancing quality of G 2.5 to 20,000 rpm protects the machine spindle. If necessary, the chuck can be fine balanced together with the tool. Therefor holes with the dimensions 6xM6 are provided. This not only improves the lifetime of the tool, but also the surfaces during finishing and heavy machining.

Optionally, the operator obtains a peripheral cooling via innovative, exchangeable closing caps with attached holes. This ensures that the coolant is process-reliably supplied to the cutting edge even at higher speeds. Initial test results showed a significantly higher cutting performance and tool life compared to conventional cooling. The closing caps are available with bore angles of 10°, 20° and 30°. Individual adjustments are possible.

Under extreme cutting forces, the Pin-Lock-Collet with radial locking pin in the Weldon clamping surface ensures, that the milling cutters or drills cannot be pulled out or twisted during machining. A first attempt shows how effective the new high-performance chuck is: a chip removal rate MRR of 12 Liters per minutes has been achieved on a machining centre with a power of 100 kilowatts cutting an aluminium component.

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With the new


chuck "Albrecht Ultra",

operators have a

significant improvement

in the cutting and

feed rate in

volume cutting.



Pictures: Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG

New High Performance Chuck

Full power for 5-axis

For 5-axis applications with the highest demands, the chuck specialist Albrecht has developed the new Slim5 precision chuck with mechanical worm gear and a large clamping range.

The latest, extra-slim generation of APC chuck now includes an improved worm gear (patent 1206990). With a traction force of more than three tons, which is achieved through the world's unique 1:16 gear ratio, the new Slim5 precision chuck enables a significantly higher holding power. In addition substantially all vibrations are degraded by the ideal damping of the collet-taper bond. The perfect combination of interference contour, holding torque, vibration damping and concentricity offers every operator a high cutting performance and process reliability.

The outside shape of the ultra-slim design has a common angle of shrink fit chucks of 4.5 ° and is available in two versions. With a diameter range of 2-14 or 2-20 millimetres it enables an ideal accessibility, especially in 5-axis applications.

As an additional protection, Albrecht collets with pull-out safety (Pin-Lock) prevent the Weldon tool from being pulled out at extremely high cutting forces.

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With the

Slim5 Precision Chuck

from Albrecht,

operators can safely

and reliably

clamp tools in

hard-to-reach areas,

especially with

5-axis applications.




Pictures: Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG

Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG

Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co. KG located in Wernau (Neckar) has set itself the goal of consistently increasing the performance of its customers' machine tools. Among others, the manufacturer develops and sells with the Albrecht APC a precision chuck, which has set new standards in regard of chip removal time, tool life and safety. In addition there are keyless drill-chucks with practice-oriented, self-tightening feature. The portfolio also includes stainless steel drill chucks for the medical section. The development-oriented company has applied for numerous patents, among others for the first keyless drill chuck and the diamond-coated drill chuck. Founded in 1908 as a small precision mechanics workshop, today Albrecht Präzision employs around 55 people.