DIN SPEC 9012 Consortium

DIN SPEC 9012 – e-CoC

DIN SPEC 9012 “e-CoC” defines a data exchange format for quality and traceability documents for the aerospace industry. This enables the digitalisation of the transmission and the processing of such documents and can lead to savings over the whole supply chain.

The data format and process described in DIN SPEC 9012 covers the following documents and data:

  • Certificates of Conformity (acc. to ISO 17050, NF L00 015)
  • Inspection certificates (EN 10204)
  • Data from materials testing laboratories (non-standardized)

The DIN SPEC 9012 will be available at Beuth Verlag at about July 2020.

For more information about e-CoC, please visit our webinar listed below.

Actual flow of certification documents in the aviation industry

In aviation, all raw materials, parts, components and processes must be fully traceable. Today, this traceability is ensured by paper documents, the so-called certificates of conformity (CoC) or inspection certificates for metallic raw materials. These are created by every supplier in the supply chain and passed on to the next higher level. Additionally the documents have to be archived for at least 20 years. The recipient of these documents must collect them, assign them to the goods, archive them and process them for his own CoC for the next level in the supply chain. The process generates a huge amount of paper, which is not sustainable and also represents a media break, since the forwarding of information relevant for traceability is paper-based.

E-CoC Data Exchange Format

The e-CoC data format allows to to transfer the metadata contained in the CoC and the  original CoC document, which is embedded in the datastructure.

It provides the possibility to notarize the documents to safely prevent fraud or manipulation. 

E-CoC also offers a method of referencing the e-CoC with the goods via a barcode label. 

The DIN SPEC 9012 contains additional information which might be impractical to be detailed by a printed document only. Therefore, it is linked to the interactive website e-coc.org. For the full content both – the printed DIN SPEC and the website – have to be taken into consideration.

The DIN SPEC 9012 contains:

  • Description of the process and the requirements of CoC and certificate documents
  • Description of the principles of the use of e-CoC
  • Basic description of thestructure of the data format

The website contains the following data and information:

  • e-CoC JSON scheme for download
  • Use cases with detailed description of the data structure and sample files for download
  • Detailed data format description
  • JSON scheme for advanced data exchange.

 The access to https://e-coc.org is free but requires a registration.

Webinar Friday, 17.07.2020, 10:00-11:00

Webinar to present „DIN SPEC 9012 -Digital Certificate of Conformity (e-CoC)”

With DIN SPEC 9012 a specification for a data format for digital Certificate of Conformity  and Inspection Documents. This was developed by a consortium of european aerospace suppliers and OEM. This enables the digitalisation of the exchange of those documents in order to reduce the efforts and costs for the processing of the documents significantly. 

Webinar will be held by Joachim Schardt, Head of Digitalisation, Aircraft Philipp Group.

Registration by email to: info@e-coc.org

Webinar Thursday, 23.07.2020, 14:00-15:00

Digital Data & Document Exchange for Structural Materials in Aerospace with “e-CoC”

High performance materials in Aerospace applications require extensive validation by testing and the creation of material models to be used in design. Data are frequently measured in highly specialized laboratories who are certified by Nadcap. Up to now there was no systematic way to transfer consistent data sets together with certificates and lab reports from the labs to suppliers or OEM´s. The new standard DIN SPEC 9012 which was elaborated by a c onsortium from Aerospace industry pro closes this gap.

The new concept will be presented together with practical examples and software tools.

Webinar will be held by Dr. Ing. Uwe Diekmann, Matplus GmbH.

Registration by email to: contact@matplus.de