INTEC is your partner when it comes to solving complex technical problems. We develop solutions in the field of vehicle construction, design the installation of aircraft cabins and ensure with reliable software developments that ships find their way safely across the seas and into the nearest port.

Our services in the aviation industry cover the entire life cycle of an aircraft. Our experienced experts support you with their specialized knowledge in all phases of the products life cycle: Beginning from the concept and design phase through system integration and utilization phase until disposal.

The concept and design phase is characterized by complex analyses, such as the Logistic Support Analysis or the Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

System Engineering accompanies the design phase, in which we bring our extensive know-how into the configuration management and the development of systems and components.

As part of providing logistical support to aircraft operators our experience ranges from demand planning through fulfilment of demand to proactive obsolescence management.

In order to stay up to date, we invest in research and in-house development. At the moment our focus is on the topics Industry 4.0 with Extended Reality. INTEC provides a new automated interface for processing technical documentation to holographic technical documentation, XR-supported training and holographic guidance for Aircraft MRO.

INTEC provides a new automated Interface for processing technical documentation and CAD data to holographic technical documentation, XR supported training and holographic guidance for Aircraft MRO.