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Reasons for having a drone detection solution

The increasing availability of inexpensive, easily operated small drones have turned drones into a mass phenomenon. As a result, manned air traffic, is regularly disrupted and endangered, privacy is violated, smuggling and unauthorized video recording occurs. In extreme cases, small drones can even be used to attack people, facilities and critical infrastructure.

Traditional security systems are not designed for threats from small drones.

DIDIT – The drone detection solution

  • Greatest possible response time through early warning
  • Risk assessment through real-time visualization
  • Precise localization of drones, the control unit and dropped objects
  • Optimized personnel deployment thanks to automation
  • Customer-specific solution through modular design
  • Integration into existing safety systems
  • Optimized detection rate through fusion of sensor data
  • Detection of different types of drones through sensor diversity
  • Detection of swarms of drones
  • Regular addition of new drone protocols and types
  • Integration of an interface to defence systems
  • Recording of incidents to initiate legal actions
  • Possibility for easy implementation of future technologies through modular design
  • Balanced price/performance ratio due to modular design in line with requirements

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