MERLIN - The Franco-German Climate Satellite

DLR German Aerospace Center, Space Administration / CNES French National Center for Space Studies

And the Cows?

Methane — also known as “Natural Gas”, “Fermentation Gas” or “Biogas” — accelerates Climate Change. It originates from energy, waste, and agricultural businesses, as well as from natural sources. The French-German satellite mission MERLIN will map Methane with a "Lidar" so accurately that the influence of various sources can be determined, including pipelines, permafrost, rice paddies, and cows.

MERLIN means “Methane Remote Sensing Lidar Mission”. The Lidar payload (a “Radar” using a Laser) is built in Germany; the platform (“Myriade Evolution”) is built in France. The science activities involve an international team led by two Co-Principal Investigators from the German DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics (DLR-IPA) and the French Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences (LSCE).



Dr. Matthias Alpers

Bruno Millet