Avio Aero

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Introducing our Research Network for the “European Technologies Development Clusters”

Avio Aero designs, manufactures and maintains propulsion systems for civil and military aviation. It is the center of excellence for the entire General Electric group in the field of mechanical transmissions, low-pressure turbines and additive manufacturing: founded in 1908, the company has overcome many technological challenges in over a century of history.

Continuous investments in research and development, and its established network of relationships with leading universities and international research centers, have enabled Avio Aero to develop technological and manufacturing excellence recognized across the globe: on the occasion of the ILA Berlin, Avio Aero is glad to introduce a further empowerment and a recent expansion of the network for the “European Technologies Development Clusters”.

The technology maturation performed within MAESTRO generated many breakthrough solutions, also leveraging disruptive manufacturing processes like additive manufacturing. Such solutions have been proven to provide excellent engine performances and environmental benefit: 9% CO2, 24% NOx and 10dB noise reduction, above the initial Clean Sky program targets. Therefore, it has been natural to implement the majority of them within the first GE European turboprop engine, the Catalyst, to leverage their benefits since the very first chance.

Enrico Casale, EU Programs & Research Network Leader – Advanced Technology Ops.

Avio Aero and its Additive (R)evolution for aeronautical manufacturing and service.

Avio Aero and Clean Sky long standing partnership for a greener aviation, towards the commitment to the ambitious European Partnership for Clean Aviation.