HyImpulse Technologies GmbH

HyImpulse is a New Space Start-up in South Germany, a spin-off out of the historical chemical rocket propulsion research center of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) at Lampoldshausen.

The founders of HyImpulse are five engineers who have a combined experience of more than 50 years in developing, testing and launching rockets.

HyImpulse’s mission is to unlock the full potential of the small satellite industry in Europe and globally by providing sustainable launch services powered by unique and green hybrid propulsion that offers a high performance at a lower cost, higher operational safety and low environmental impact.

Our technology results in an easily customizable, reliable and safe launch.

These game-changing traits become possible with our novel and proprietary composition of paraffin-based hybrid rocket fuel, and an excellent use of disruptive and state of the art technologies like composite materials, COTS avionics and additive layer manufacturing.

HyImpulse Launch Service will offer its customers a full suite of dedicated services - from the payload pick up till safe delivery into the desired orbit. This is made possible by our vertical integration of all the stakeholders required for an orbital launch.

                                                            To target the rapidly growing small satellite market, the launch vehicle of HyImpulse – Small Launcher
                                                                                          SL1 will be able to transport 500 kg of payload into a Low Earth Orbit.

HyImpulse is developing inherently safe hybrid rocket engines for low cost access to space. Paraffin and LOX (Liquid Oxygen) are used as high-performance green propellants. This is our 10kN thrust technology demonstrator, which is showing stable and highly efficient combustion.

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