Radionor Communications is a supplier of next generation tactical broadband data links based on phased array antennas. The technology provides unmatched range and stability and is ideal for high-mobility applications. The technology has been proven to offer unique performance for tactical operations for manned and unmanned aircrafts, vessels, vehicles and man-carried equipment.


As a part of our customer Maritime Robotic’s project “Norge på langs”, we were challenged to deliver
continuous data link connection for a UAV flight from Frøya to Rørvik. The total distance is 180 km. With our
Cordis Array II (CRE2) product line, Radionor Communications was able to meet this challenging requirement, with a
solid margin, using our smallest UAV radio.

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The Cordis Array II (CRE2) product family meets the demands for tactical missions where reliable high capacity communication and data transfer are crucial for efficient and safe execution. The system operates in C-band and is field proven with high data rate communication. Phased array technology with electronic beam steering and narrow radiation beams enables long-range broadband communication unmatched by conventional tactical systems.

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