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Integrated lightweight engineering in multi-material-design

Integrated lightweight engineering in multi-material-design

LZS GmbH is one of Germany's leading development partners in the field of integrated lightweight engineering. Aside from the fields of automotive engineering and mechanical and plant engineering, the development of innovative lightweight systems for aerospace applications is a central business sector of the LZS. We cover the entire development chain for structural elements and components – from material characterization to manufacturing and validation of prototypes. We aim for a closed loop of simulation and test backed designs meeting the set requirements. We are your system supplier up to TRL 6. In addition to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and the accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025:2018, we are also in a position to carry out selected projects in accordance with DIN EN 9100. As an accredited Rolls-Royce Development Supplier and Test House we can refer to numerous successes and, for our partners, we have got fibre-composite hybrid components off the ground to see them fly.

Hybrid fan outlet guide vane for aircraft engine

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Testing Services at LZS GmbH

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Material cards for structural components

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Helix-PressFit – Robust joining technology for hybrid components

When done right, high-performance composites enable outstanding lightweight designs for structural components and open up further advantages such as very good damping properties or high corrosion resistance.

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Intelligent test specimen design

Prior implementing prototypes on the original scale, preliminary tests on a test specimen scale often prove to be worthwile.

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Functionalisation of FRP components

LZS GmbH is one of the leading research and development partners in the field of "Function integrative lightweightsystem engineering in multi-material design" in Germany.

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