AXON Cable

Interconnect solutions for challenging applications

As an expert in interconnect solutions, Axon’ Cable specializes in the design and manufacture of:  

  • High-performance wires
  • Composite cables
  • Miniature connectors
  • Mini-systems

A multi-skilled group

  • True vertical integration: from conductors to connectors
  • Collaborative engineering
  • Over 50 years of expertise
  • European roots but worldwide presence







Flight heritage

From the blue sky to distant Mars and beyond, Axon’ has been involved in numerous aeronautics and space projects including civil aircrafts, jetfighters, missiles and their guidance systems, launchers, satellites and rovers. Axon’ interconnect solutions are designed for systems where weight, miniaturization or signal transmission integrity are paramount.

Contact us

Axon’ Kabel GmbH
Hertichstr. 43
71229 Leonberg

Blue sky linking

In-flight entertainment

  • Flat Flexible Cables : PCB and display interconnect
  • Ethernet/HDMI cable assemblies

Flight command system

  • Micro-D connectors & assemblies: weight and space saving
  • MIL-STD-1553 harnesses : reliable data transmission

Aircraft jet engine

  • High temperature cables for sensors
  • Multibranch harnesses

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Axon Cable Interconnect

Interconnect that’s out of the world!

  • Flight heritage: over 20 years
  • Spacecraft cabling
  • Power distribution in satellites
  • High data rate
  • Harness expertise
  • Interconnect solutions for NewSpace

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Ultra-fast connection and modularity all in a tiny parcel!

This is what the new range of Versatys® connectors developed by Axon’ Cable offers. Designed from Micro-D technology, these miniature connectors can be mated and locked in place without any tooling and all in a single click.

Moreover, Versatys® connectors are 40% lighter and smaller than D-Sub.