Northrop Grumman LITEF

LITEF-Geschichte und Bedeutung für die militärische Luftfahrt

Lutz Kampmann



LITEF Future-Proof Expertise

The combination of expertise from six decades of military and 30 years of civil aviation is a solid basis for the further development of LITEF’s product range with solutions for an even wider range of navigation and stabilization tasks.

Ensuring Safety and Performance for Today and Tomorrow

Inertial Systems made by LITEF

With light weight, small volume, outstanding environmental robustness and unmatched performance LITEF’s certified Inertial Systems deliver value to the operators of all types of civil and military aircraft.

The all new LiPAD®-100

The heart of this portable gyrocompass was born in avionics, but its potential is unlimited.

Imagine that you could practically align every single instrument of your aircraft in real-time to perfectly match.

Imagine you don’t have to worry of limited space, wire bundles or environmental factors.

Imagine to work fast, efficient and reliable.

Take a minute for an inspiration that can fundamentally change the way of survey and alignment.

Vorstellung der Eurofighter IMU

Kai Dlouhy

Director Defence

LITEF AHRS-Familie (Kurs-Lage-Referenzsysteme)

Dr. Daniel Martens

Director Commercial Aviation

Die juri-Kinderreporter bei Northrop Grumman LITEF:

so werden Sensoren in der Luftfahrt genutzt