Green City Solutions GmbH

For better air quality in cities and airports

For better air quality in cities and airports

Green City Solutions is a Green-Tech pioneer from Berlin working on realizing an extraordinary vision: to create urban spaces where people can live healthier. The core product - a moss powered air filter - is based on the unique idea of combining nature with technology to improve air quality. 

We would have loved to meet you in person at this year´s ILA, right on the ILA plaza, in the center of the ILA site to present our newest product generation and share with you our visions for greener airports!  




Air pollution in airports

People working in airports are exposed to a complex mixture of potential health damaging air pollution. Studies document that these persons have an increased occurrence of DNA-damages and several cancer cases¹.

In airports the main sources of air pollution are exhaust from aircrafts and diesel engines, direct fuel emissions from refueling aircrafts and larger dust particles from brakes, tires, asphalt etc.

Here our CityTree comes into play: Due to its intelligent ventilation technology­ the CityTree filters the­ hourly breathing ­­volume for­ up­ to­ 7,000­ people and ­verifiably­ improves ­air quality ­in ­its ­surrounding area by ­up ­to ­53%².

The CityTree is a unique and innovative solution for cleaner air - and thus for a healthier life in highly polluted urban environments.

¹ the Danish Ecocouncil, 2015
² reduction of Ultra Fine Particles (UFP) of size 20–800 nm, measured at 12 °C, +/- 1 °C; UFP artificially generated; UFP composed of mixture smoke, cigarette smoke, diesel exhaust

Introduction the CityTree – the world’s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality

Our current product, the CityTree, an urban furniture, is sold and rented to cities and corporate partners. Because of its intuitive green design and air purification functionality, the CityTree helps our partners to make their sustainability efforts tangible. To showcase the filter performance & environmental data of the CityTree we also offer a subscription model called AirCare. To ensure the vitality of the mosses, we offer regular maintenance service. The modular design allows integrations of Wifi hotspots, charging stations and large OOH screens. Our product roadmap consists of applications into the building facades and indoor. Have a look at our website - by clicking the link below - to find out more.



Our vision for a clean air zone at your airport.

Welcome your travelers with fresh air and a taste of green nature!

Have a look at our website - by clicking the link below - to find out more.