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Components are processed by galvanic processes at KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH in order to improve corrosion resistance, reduce wear, ensure electrical conductivity and chemical resistance.

The galvanic processes used are anodizing (e.g. sulfuric acid anodizing, tartaric-sulfuric acid anodizing, boric acid anodizing), chromating (yellow chromate with Alodine 1200 and Alodine 600), colourless passivation (e.g. Surtec 650) and the passivation of various steels according various standards (e.g. AMS 2700). Furthermore, different pickling processes and processes for degreasing as well as coloured anodizing are used.

In order to ensure the high demands on the ideal condition of the galvanic systems, KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH has its own chemical laboratory and an internal water treatment system in the house.

Classic post-treatments such as painting, labeling and packaging are also part of the range of services.


KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH uses processes in wet painting as well as dry painting as well as in powder coating to protect components from external influences and especially corrosion. Electrically conductive and non-conductive materials (e.g. aluminium, steel, plastic and other metals) are provided with permanent, high-quality surface protection. Likewise, the coating creates decorative, appealing surfaces in terms of colour, structure and effect on almost all substrates, right down to chrome coatings. KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH uses a clean room of the ISO 6 class for painting for special requirements on the surface quality. Decorative surface requirements are also met by water transfer printing processes.

The necessary preparations for painting are ensured by chemical and mechanical processes. These include galvanic processes such as passivation, anodizing, pickling and degreasing. The mechanical processes include blasting the components and sanding and filling, as well as various cleaning processes.

Further Processing

Other services that KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH offers are based on the requirements of our customers. This includes various upstream production steps such as penetrate inspection of components or the assembly of individual components and entire assemblies.

An important pretreatment step in surface technology is the blasting of components with a wide variety of media. KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH has various systems and many years of experience for this. In addition to the blasting of components, the pickling of a wide variety of metals, but also the stripping of all components is part of the service.

Our range of services also includes classic downstream production steps. This includes the printing and labeling of components, safe shipping and especially express deliveries to guarantee the shortest delivery times.


No industry is as much in focus as the aerospace industry. It is therefore an important strategic goal of KURZIUS Aerospace GmbH to make its contribution to technical innovation in the field of surface treatment. There are many different starting points for this, such as the environmentally friendly use of galvanic coatings, the banishment of substances that are harmful to health or the optimization of manufacturing processes and the reduction of weight. All these aspects guide us to explore the possibilities of new and innovative technologies and to present them to our customers.

We are currently working with our team on topics such as anodizing components made of magnesium and titanium, decorative hard anodizing, chrome-free processes for Alodine 1200 (CrVI) and Surtec 650 (CrIII) with Oxsilan technology, surface protection for aircraft interior components using Ardrox 1770 and RILSAN coatings in fluid bed dipping and electrostatic spraying processes.