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Game-Changing Aviation Piston Engine

RED engines are qualified for all categories-classes-types of CS-23 and CS-27 aircraft, which are supposed for Utility, Commuter, Aerobatic or Agricultural Application. The RED A03 can potentially provide a best-fit for Helicopters, Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), Hybrid Airships and Hybrid-Electric Aviation

Key Advantages

Compared to piston engines

  • Certified to use aviation kerosene, Jet-A1
  • Significantly higher continuous and maximum take-off power rating, than other piston engines on the market
  • Potential increase of aircraft payload, maximum operation speed and range
  • Potential shorter runway & on-route climb time
  • Better hot & high performance
  • 20-40% lower fuel consumption, positively impact the fuel operation costs
  • Digital engine control (FADEC) certified to HW/SW DAL B standard

 Compared to turbine engines

  • Significantly better fuel efficiency and result in reduction of fuel operation costs
  • Potential increase of maximum flight range, due to much lower fuel consumption
  • Even more efficient engine operation at lower altitudes
  • MRO cost reduction
  • Potential to use shorter runway, due to non-existing spool-up time
  • Generally better hot & high performance, compared to non-derated turbines
  • Lower noise and exhaust gas emissions

RED A03 Piston Engine

The RED A03 Certified Aviation engine with the power of a turbine and unbeatable efficiency.

New Efficient Technology

Clean-sheet-of-paper, purpose-designed for aircraft applications not a compromise adaptation from automotive designs.

The RED A03 is a lightweight, all-aluminum, 12-cylinder, high-compression-ignition engine, with two six-cylinder banks capable of independent operation. The RED A03 is certified to operate on jet fuel.

Unbeatable Performance

High power density with impressive efficiency and altitude performance. The RED A03 provides 500 horsepower takeoff power with a best in class fuel efficiency. The turbocharged air induction system sets new standards regarding altitude performance.

Electronic Engine Control

Full-Authority-Digital-Engine-Control (FADEC) certified to design assurance level B. The engine is controlled via a fully redundant Electronic-Engine-Control-Unit. The single power control lever operation reduces pilot workload and increases safety. The FADEC is certified according to the civil aviation standards DO-178B for Software and DO-254 for Hardware.

Safety Concept

Two cylinder-bank redundancy concept for high safety.

Robustness and safety are incorporated into the engine design. The two 6-cylinder banks are capable of independent operation. All critical engine sub-systems are mutually-independent.

Ecological Footprint

A compression-ignition engine, such as the RED A03 drives many environmental benefits when compared with other equivalent propulsion solutions. Characterised by significantly lower CO2 emissions, the RED A03 is also an optimal platform for development of hybrid-electric aircraft installations.

High thermodynamic efficiency drives low fuel consumption. Optimised combustion results in reduced exhaust emissions. Low exhaust noise stems from intelligent engine architecture.

The RED A03 ecological features are

  • low fuel burn
  • low exhaust gas pollution
  • reduced noise emissions
  • high thermodynamic efficiency


The RED A03 engine family attained type certification in 2014 and is now validated in many countries around the globe.

Contract Manufacturing

RED Aircraft welcome enquiries from organizations that require precision engineering services from a highly qualified team. RED Aircraft’s unique technical competencies, fast turnaround, and passion for excellence

• Current holders of EASA Design-Organisation (DOA) certification

• Maintenance Organisation (MOA) and Production Organisation (POA) certifications

RED Aircraft GmbH quality system is certified according to EN 9100:2018 standards compliant for aviation, space and defence.