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pro-beam systems GmbH

pro-beam systems GmbH

pro-beam systems GmbH is part of the pro-beam group, a worldwide leading company in the field of electron beam technology. The group is specialized in welding, hardening, micro-drilling and coating of surfaces. Depending on their requirements, customers can choose between contract manufacturing at pro-beam or an in-house system. The customer-specific plant engineering is implemented by pro-beam systems GmbH. The systems and services of pro-beam are represented in almost every industry and ensure safe and reliable weldings as well as high-quality and durable products - as in the aerospace industry.

  • Welding, hardening and micro-drilling
  • Over 45 years of expertise
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Plant engineering
  • Customer service
  • 5 locations worldwide
  • NADCAP certified



Electron Beam Welding

Highest Quality for the Aviation and Space Industry

Aerospace companies are relying on our experience, products and services in the field of electron beam welding for many years. With its high welding depth and flexible beam guidance, the electron beam is ideally suited for large components with aerodynamic properties and complex structures. At the same time, it welds complex materials such as titanium alloys and enables distortion-free and precise results. This also makes it ideally suited for safety-relevant components. In addition, the electron beam works one hundred percent digitally, so that welding results are reproducible at any time with consistent quality.

Thanks to our automated seam tracking process, we increase the output five-fold during the welding of engine blades. Electron beam technology is now also the main process used for repair welding because it guarantees to deliver the required quality trusted by air passengers.


The continuous recording of process parameters ensures quality monitoring and documentation at all times.

Other typical areas of application are found in the interiors of passenger aircrafts and in the welding of fuel tanks. For example, our technology was used in the space research rocket named Ariane. Our expertise was also used in the construction of the Solar Orbiter, where the structure element was joined using electron beam technology. Thanks to this process it was possible to weld precise, clean seams and meet the required quality standards as well as the delivery date.

The Electron Beam

A smart technology

Further Information

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Electron beam technology has been used to create many everyday items, which are not always recognizable at first glance. As a company, we are always there when someone needs precision and reliability; that is our strength.

Dr. Thorsten Löwer
CTO, pro-beam Group