Fraunhofer LBF

Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF


Sustainable mobility and lightweight construction have been the focus of the Fraunhofer LBF for more than 80 years. In that time the institute has amassed expertise in SHM, ice protection, the research and development of new materials, as well as the testing of components such as wheels, batteries and doors. In addition to many years of experience in operating load measurements and collective creation, the experts at Fraunhofer LBF also offer consulting services for digital product development (e.g. digital twins).

The aviation sector is currently facing new R&D challenges, such as intelligent energy recovery strategies, functionally integrated or systemic lightweight design concepts, and production process monitoring. Fraunhofer LBF is an expert research partner for the development of innovative solutions for customer-specific problems faced by aircraft manufacturers, manufacturers of propulsion systems, aircraft electronics and landing systems, as well as for suppliers from various fields for the upstream stages.

  • Founding year: 1938
  • Employees: 400


Morphing wing/ Droop nose

The new wing structure adapts optimally to aerodynamic requirements. Structurally integrated kinematic solutions in combination with a flexible skin replaced the usual rigid construction.

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"CFRP Booster Housing,” manufactured using a digitally controlled vacuum infusion process.

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Ice Protection

Leading edge under De-Icing condition.

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Adaptive EMI measuring head

Innovative measuring head for non-destructive structure monitoring.

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Optimum lightweight structures

Identification of an optimum lightweight structure by analyzing different wheel geometries regarding their stiffness.

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Multifunctional lightweight structures for satellite applications (© Fraunhofer LBF)

Fraunhofer LBF shows the possibilities to increase accuracy and precision for small systems, such as cameras, radar, positioning and measurement systems or telescope. New integrated functions for data and signal transfer or energy generation by film. The technologies of Fraunhofer LBF solve the conflict of objectives between lightweight construction and vibration through measures of vibration reduction. The goal is to increase the availability, increase the operational capability and the reliability of the systems.

Key words: Numerical calculation tool, multifunctional structures, vibration reduction

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Multifunctional load-bearing lightweight structures advance the design of the satellites (© ESA/multisat)