Boeing H-47 Chinook

Watch the Video to get a glimpse of the Chinook's amazing capabilities 


H-47 Chinook – Modern, Proven, Ready Now

The H-47 Chinook provides the most modern, affordable solution ready to operate today – and has a proven track record of performance and versatility. Driven by the longest active helicopter production line in the U.S. Department of Defense, Boeing’s state-of-the-art lean production system has the capacity to produce aircraft quickly and at a high rate, and a history of safe, on-time, and on-cost deliveries. Its network of more than 900 Chinook helicopters in 20 countries, including 8 NATO nations provides a high degree of interoperability.

H-47 Chinook – Support and Training 

Building on more than 60 years of expertise in designing, building, maintaining and integrating Chinook systems, training devices, services and software, Boeing provides a lifecycle solution significantly benefitting the customer in partnership with highly skilled resources from German industry. Boeing is also a leading provider of performance-Based-Logistics (PBL) solutions and builds on a global supply chain.

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