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Pushing automation for next-gen aerostructures

Additive 3D fiber lay-up platform for complex composites

Enabling next-generation aerostructures

In constant efforts to neutralize its CO2 footprint, the aerospace industry continues to focus on lightweight construction. Automation is key to an even more widespread use of high-performance composites in next generation aerostructures. Today, multi-material composite structures like fairings, radomes, nacelles, control surfaces still require require a lot of manual worksteps in fabrication. Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology has the potential to change this. It offers a new combination of productivity, flexibility and costs and enables automation for complex 3D shapes, multi-material composites and locally load-adjusted fiber designs. This results in a remarkably improved buy-to-fly ratio. It’s the technology for the next generation of composites aerostructures.


· Digitized, automated process chain

· Multi-material lay-up capabilities (carbon, glass, adhesives, etc.)

· 20% - 60% cost saving compared to manual lay-up

Automation for multi-material aerostructures

Automation specialist Cevotec focuses on the efficient and automated production of complex aerospace composite parts. Based on Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology, Cevotec’s SAMBA lay-up systems work with a broad range of material systems, both prepreg and dry-fiber, enabling manufacturers to automate the lay-up of multi-material aerostructures. The systems also feature self-corrective control systems for material conditions and positioning accuracy. Application examples include e.g. fairings, nacelle panels, radomes, control surfaces, and more.

Spot on Fiber Patch Placement

Cevotec runs a FPP Competence Center near Munich for developing automated lay-up processes for aerostructures with sizes of up to 2 m x 3 m. Aerostructure producers are invited to get in touch and learn how FPP can save 20% - 60% in production cost & time when switching to FPP. Schedule your personal (virtual) meeting to discuss specific applications that are relevant to you. Learn about available project set-ups to develop demonstrator parts. Cevotec offers a suitability and unit-cost analysis upfront at no cost. Take the opportunity to explore new options for your future composites production!

Get to know Fiber Patch Placement

Browse through Cevotec’s technology introduction, watch the technology explainer video, or download our 2020 brochure to get a first impression of Fiber Patch Placement

Cevotec 2020 brochure

FPP condensed

Our digital print. An overview of FPP technology: SAMBA Series lay-up systems, ARTIST STUDIO software, application examples, and how you can start with Fiber Patch Placement.

Cevotec technology introduction

Facts, figures and benefits of Fiber Patch Placement

Get familiar with key facts and sample configurations of SAMBA Series production cells and ARTIST STUDIO software. Learn about about Cevotec’s formadaptive patch gripper in different sizes. And get to know how Fiber Patch Placement really works. 

Cevotec Imagefilm

SAMBA Series & ARTIST STUDIO in action

Let’s dance! Gain an impression of the efficient and fast SAMBA Pro lay-up system and take a look at our ARTIST STUDIO software.

Fiber Patch Placement has taken a remarkable development in the last years. It checks a lot of boxes of what our corporate research partners are looking for in current development initiatives. We will certainly see interesting use cases of FPP technology in composite aerostructures of next generation aircraft.

Prof. Klaus Drechsler

Chair of Institute for Carbon Composites Technical University München

Automation & digital innovation

Munich-based automation specialist Cevotec enables manufacturers to build complex aerospace composites in high volume and quality. With Fiber Patch Placement based SAMBA systems, Cevotec offers customized, fully automated fiber layup systems with integrated process control for manufacturing complex 3D geometries and multi-material laminates. ARTIST STUDIO is the technology-specific CAD-CAM software for generating patch-based fiber laminates and automated robot programming. Cost and time reductions of 20-60% can be realized when switching from manual layup to Cevotec’s SAMBA systems. Aerospace manufacturers also benefit from a comprehensive service portfolio, including application-specific customizations and FE-based component development.

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