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KAPI electronics


The technological and logistical processes are constantly evaluating data to control information effectively, decreasing risk and improving safety. The data records must be objective in cases of damage, ensuring a reliable basis for causal research and liability investigations. From the original KAPI box, a universal base unit was developed and modified for general aviation, road and water. Aircraft and navigation instruments are integrated. The processed data can be imported into different processing systems, from there managed and visualized. A Logbooks available. Datatransfer via GPRS/GSM (M2M) automatic connection. Kapi received several awards for this product, act. "Brandenburg Innovation Award".

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KAPI Air - the "Black Box"

for general aviation and UAV/UAS

The incorruptible and objective evidence of flight movements helps in the identification of damages and accidents. It also increases the quality of flight training. Time and costs are saved through the automatic data transfer from KAPI Air to the commercial management software.

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Intelligent compressed air rescue system

Method and a device for an intelligent parachute rescue systems for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, wherein no pyrotechnic propellants are used, but compressed air extracted from a pressure bottle..

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