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Welcome to the HAW Hamburg!

We would have liked to welcome you in person, but now we would like to use the opportunity and introduce ourselves online!





You would like to study Aeronautical Engineering at the HAW Hamburg?

In our prospectus (only available in German) you can find more information about our Department. The most important points are: 

  • The course is industry-orientated, without ignoring the necessary foundations
  • Unlike at larger universities, courses rarely exceed 40 students

    A large number of labs and mock-ups are available to our students

    • Aerodynamics laboratory with a wind tunnel
    • Laboratory for cabin and cabin systems
    • Lightweight construction laboratory including facilities for static wing tests
    • Vehicle laboratory
    • Acoustics laboratory with a climate-controlled chamber
    • Control systems and mechatronics laboratory
    • Cabin mock-up A319
    • Crew Rest Compartment A350
    • Cockpit Mock-Up Do728
    • Water – wastewater system demonstrator
    • Flight system simulator and full flight simulator A320



    Hamburg is the perfect city as THE aerospace capital of Germany. The metropolitan area is one of the world’s largest in the civil aviation section with a total of 30 000 employees. Airbus, Lufthansa Technik, Diehl and many more aerospace companies have sites here.


    • A close cooperation in research and development with many internships and theses offers an ideal start in the industry and allows to make important contacts early in the career.

    You would like to cooperate with the HAW Hamburg?

    As a University of Applied Sciences cooperation with industry is at the heart of our mission. We are already working with many companies, but we are always looking to expand our connections.

    We would like to get in touch with you! Whether you would like more information, would like to offer an internship of thesis or request a face-to-face meeting via videoconferencing, we are waiting for your message!

    Please contact us at: Expo-Team@haw-hamburg.de


    International Video

    Greetings from the Expo-Team (in German only):