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About MTU 

MTU Aero Engines is Germany’s leading engine manufacturer and an established global player in the industry. The company engages in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories and stationary gas turbines. Operating affiliates all over the world, MTU has a local presence in major regions and markets.

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Technology agenda

Blazing new trails: MTU is conscious of its responsibility for sustainable and emissions-free flight. In its technology roadmap, it lays out its most pioneering solutions to date. At the same time, the company is working on evolutionary and revolutionary propulsion concepts and focusing development efforts on sustainable fuels, parallel hybrid-electric engines and flying fuel cells.

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2nd Generation Geared TurbofanTM

In its Clean Air Engine (Claire) technology agenda, MTU lays out its goals as well as the options for sustainable commercial engine concepts that will pave the way for emissions- free flight. In the first stage, the introduction of a geared turbofan reduced fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions by 16 percent each and the noise footprint by 75 percent. This is above the target of 15 percent. The next stages will focus on the further development of the geared turbofan in order to exploit its full potential. Which means: lower fan pressure ratios and high bypass and over-all pressure ratios.

Sustainable fuels

MTU is also focusing on alternative, sustainable fuels known as sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) that can be used at once. The company wants to shift away from burning fossil fuels because the only way to achieve the ambitious climate protection goals for 2050 is through the use of sustainable, renewable alternatives. The future is likely to belong to power-to-liq-uid (PtL) and sun-toliquid (StL) fuels, which are produced using green electricity and solar energy, respectively. In the long term, hydrogen is also a viable option.

Parallel hybrid-electric systems

Aircraft with a parallel hybrid-electric powertrain have the potential to serve longer routes. They combine electric and conventional propulsion systems, opening up new degrees of freedom in aircraft and engine design. One advantage of hybrid concepts is that they enable the aircraft to have distributed propulsion systems to reduce drag. Another is that engine operating points can be optimized. However, these are offset by disadvantages such as the weight of the systems and additional losses as a result of energy conversion.


With their promise of emissions-free flight, battery-powered all-electric engines that run on renewable energy could catapult aviation into a new era. However, these systems come up hard against the limits of physics, because the batteries and the propulsion systems connected to them are much too heavy: batteries available today can supply about 1/25 as much usable energy as kerosene. A new operating segment would open the door to all-electric flight: carrying a small number of passengers over short distances by air taxi.

Fuel cells

Fuel cells emit nothing but water, meaning they enable virtually climate-neutral and pollutant-free flight. With hydrogen as its energy source, the electric motor drives the propulsors. Whether for short- medium or long-haul flight, this technology could be used to power almost any application.

Revolutionary Engine concepts

steam-injected and water-recovering gas turbine
Composite Cycle Engine


Next European Fighter Engine

New challenges call for new answers: the Next European Fighter Engine is a military propulsion system that marks another major advance in engine technology. With innovative concepts and new technologies for virtual de-sign and additive manufacturing at its disposal, MTU is absolutely ready for this engine program to take off.

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Military programs

MTU Aero Engines is one of the world’s leading industrial system partners for the military engines that power combat jets, helicopters and military transport aircraft. Innovative, capable and reliable — with its first-class technologies, products and services, MTU ensures that military customers can count on the full availability of their fleets at all times.

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MTU Plus Intelligent Solutions

MTU is a reliable partner for more than 1,400 customers. This includes some 200 airlines as well as leasing companies and manufacturers. Operators and asset owners benefit from integrated service solutions that cover the entire engine life cycle. As an established OEM network partner, MTU increasingly supports OEMs with standardized maintenance solutions — for Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines, for example. And, owing to its maintenance expertise, MTU is a preferred joint venture partner for airlines worldwide.