Aerospace – Highly Specialized Area of Application for G-modules

Reliable, efficient and incredibly precise – with its production quality and repetition accuracy, the innovative 5-axis universal machining center from GROB ideally fulfills the high standards of companies from the aerospace industry in cutting to perfection complex and extremely stable components.


In the aerospace industry, both aluminium as well as materials that are difficult to cut, such as titanium or heat-resistant steel alloys, are machined. Thanks to their compact design, high productivity and precision, as well as their optimum accessibility, the universal machining center from GROB is perfectly suited as a milling or mill-turn machining center for aerospace companies.

High quality with optimum efficiency

In view of the high costs for blanks and the strict tolerances, components in the aerospace industry must be produced in the highest quality right from the very start. The comprehensible documentation of the machining parameters and of the quality characteristics represents a particular challenge for safety components. The batch sizes are relatively small here, which requires the machines and systems to be highly flexible and easy to set up – features that the G-module series provides. In hardly any other industry is the balancing act between economic efficiency and process reliability greater than in aerospace technology. The GROB engineers have taken on this challenging complexity and, in developing the powerful universal machining center series, have created the ideal machines to fulfill these criteria while also meeting the individual requirements of the customer. When it comes to the different, specific requirements, it is worth taking a close look in order to make the best choice for a suitable machine solution.

Highly dynamic spindles for a wide range of materials

The highest cutting volumes in aluminium processing are achieved using powerful motorized spindles with rotational speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. Using optimized linear and rotary axis drives, our machining centers achieve the highest path velocities, also in 5-axis simultaneous machining. The high-torque motorized spindles are used in the heavy-duty cutting of superalloys. Coolant systems with frequency-controlled high-pressure pumps guarantee a reliable process. Perfect chip disposal thanks to the horizontal arrangement of the spindles and optional overhead machining make the G-series unique.

Working on Turbine Blades on a G350 – Generation 2

From an individual machine, through automated and interlinked systems, as well as from specialized systems to turnkey processes, GROB provides the aerospace industry with the right concept. The G350, G550 and G750 universal machining center series, optionally available with a turning function, provide an extremely broad range of application for aerospace components up to a diameter of 1,280 mm.

The innovative 5-axis universal machining center from GROB enables customers from the aerospace industry to cut to perfection complex and extremely stable components with a wide range of requirements, such as turbine blades, structural components, structural housing or brake flap fittings.

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