BEE appliance GmbH

Heavy Duty Drones Made in Germany

Heavy Duty Drones Made in Germany

BEE appliance offers unmanned and manned load carrying multi-rotor crafts with unmatched combinations of payload and endurance. Areas of application include but are not limited to missions which are currently performed by helicopters (e.g. lifting cargo, inspection and surveying with sophisticated optical equipment, crop spraying) at significant lower operating costs. BEE appliance is located in Beilngries, Germany and acts as a system integrator for state-of-the-art aerospace components.


High-performance for your mission

All BEE appliance products rely on a set of distinctive features, which are applied throughout the whole aircraft family (e.g. propulsion system, rotor layout, cargo system). Truly unique in its class is the BEE propulsion system. At BEE, all crafts will be equipped with the future proof electric, series hybrid drive train granting the operating range (up to 3 hours flight time and 71kg payload) operators/pilots are asking for.



Prototype in test flight program

The load-bearing "BEE reference unit" (MTOW 200 kg) was brought into demo operation as a technology platform and demonstrator for launch customers in 2019. The demonstrator is currently being upgraded with slight modifications to become the first series product, the "BEE transporter" (MTOW 260 kg). The projected payload of the “BEE transporter” is 71 kg with an endurance of one hour. By substituting payload for fuel, flight time can be increased significantly.

The mission of BEE appliance is to create feasible heavy-duty transport drones. It is our vision to become a world leader in building rugged, cost-efficient autonomous VTOL transporters serving diversified logistic infrastructures, interlinking road transport and air transportation.

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