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Design innovative products with wire race bearings and linear systems by Franke



In search of a particularly space-saving construction, Erich
Franke invented a new type of bearing in 1936: the wire race
bearing. We have continuously developed its principle of four
race rings over the years. The rolling elements run on filigree
wires regardless of the material and shape of the enclosing

The flexibility of this principle makes it possible to design more
freely and simply in order to develop better products.
Today Franke is known worldwide as a specialist for bearings
and linear systems. At our headquarters in Aalen we employ
over 280 people. In addition, we are active worldwide with
numerous representatives.

3D printing revolutionizes the production of lightweight bearings

Skilful lightweight construction is the art of leaving out material wherever it is not needed. 3D printing processes
allow the elimination of excess material not only on the outer geometry but also deep inside a workpiece.

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Franke products in use

Franke bearing elements can be used in a wide variety of designs. The demands on the enclosing construction are low, because it is not directly exposed to the loads. The main load is borne by the wire race bearing. This allows you to determine almost freely the ideal shape and material of your further construction.

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