bavAIRia e.V.

Europe´s heart of aerospace and navigation

Europe's heart of aerospace and navigation

In 2006 the Bavarian government bestowed bavAIRia e.V., located at the Oberpfaffenhofen Special Airport near Munich, the responsibility to manage the Bavarian Aerospace Cluster. Since then it has been a competent point of contact for questions relating to aviation, space and space applications in Bavaria.

​In addition to encouraging cooperation among industry, small- and medium-sized companies, universities, research institutions and the political sphere, bavAIRia e.V. has the goal of supporting its approx. 300 members with local marketing, advice and services. Such activities enhance the competitiveness of Bavarian companies and their global visibility. bavAIRia's international pursuits stimulate and consolidate business contacts and it is involved in developing innovative applications and services through its contributions to national and international projects.