Your Trustworthy Partner for Parts Cleaning and FPI

“We have served our valued customers for 40 years. Our committed personnel continues to support the aviation industry by providing cost-efficient, userfriendly and safe equipment for today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.”


Your Trustworthy Partner for Parts Cleaning and FPI

  • cleaner
  • safer
  • smarter

FinnSonic designs and manufactures solutions for demanding cleaning and uorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) both for manufacturing and MRO industries. Thanks to the smart technical solutions, equipment reliability and customer-oriented technical support, FinnSonic has gained the position as a trusted partner among the world’s leading aviation companies.


FinnSonic Component Cleaning and FPI Solutions for Manufacturing and MRO

• Seamless and streamlined cleaning and FPI
• One experienced, responsible partner

• Automatic processing with data logging
• Traceability of processed batches
• Minimized risk of human error, less reprocessing
• Superior cleaning thanks to ultrasonics
• Automatic vision systems available

• Water consumption minimized with smart recycling
• Energy saving line control
• Cost savings thanks to reduced operator involvement
• Ef cient use of oor space

• Equipment is built to last: “They last forever” as one customer put it
• Innovative encrypted remote support
• Technical support for long term partnership

FinnSonic Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Lines (FPIL) for Non-destructive Testing

FinnSonic’s FPI lines are used in aviation for bot manufacturing and MRO. The solutions highlight process reliability, safety, traceability, and customer-oriented implementation.


FinnSonic FPI Lines

  • Jet engine parts
  • Airplane fuselage parts
  • Wheel hubs
  • Brakes
  • Landing gear

Wide Selection of Cleaning Solutions from Manual to Fully Automated Custom Built Lines

Component cleanliness has a signi cant effect in product quality,efficiency and bottom line results. FinnSonic’s aim is to provide intelligent and safe parts cleaning solutions with short repayment periods and low production costs. Ultrasonic cleaning has proved to be the most ef cient cleaning method in industrial parts cleaning. FinnSonic has 40 years of experience with industrial ultrasonic cleaning.

More than 500 fully automated cleaning lines delivered since 1986

FinnSonic Cleaning Applications

  • Jet engine parts
  • Machined airplane fuselage parts
  • Engine bearings
  • Wheel hubs
  • Wheel bearings and other small parts
  • Brake parts

FINNSONIC - Your Trustworthy Partner for Parts Cleaning and FPI

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