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ILA Berlin 2018: The place to be for the aerospace industry

ILA Berlin is where the major players in aerospace come together – from leading manufacturers to innovative startups. From political delegations to disaster management agencies. From the world’s top universities to tomorrow’s visionaries. Join this illustrious group of industry pros.

Manufacturers and suppliers

The aerospace sector is represented by thousands of companies around the world; in fact, no other industry acts on such a global scale. ILA Berlin offers a convenient format for stakeholders to meet buyers and potential business partners from around the world – right here in Berlin. The personalized ILA Matchmaking service ensures that you can find the right contacts for your business. Industry experts can network with international researchers and, at the ILA conferences, trade visitors get the chance to forge valuable contacts with political decision-makers.

Delegations & governmental bodies

The aerospace sector has strategic importance for governments around the world. At ILA, representatives from government, industry and academia discuss what is possible today, and what we need to achieve tomorrow. With the delegates program, international leaders from government and the military can gain valuable insights into innovative projects and products. Government agencies for areas like disaster management can learn about the latest technology and find promising projects to promote.

Science & research

The success of the aerospace industry is due in large part to close cooperation between industry and research. For both sides, ILA offers an ideal opportunity for intense dialogue. At the event, researchers can meet key industry players. University representatives can meet with companies to discuss future curriculum needs. In addition, today’s most urgent issues are examined at over 50 events specially designed for experts.

ILA Conferences

ILA Berlin is the mobile think tank of the aerospace industry. The industry’s leading figures take part in the ILA Conferences. ILA industry visitors will have access to the high-quality conference program with at least 50 events. The topics reflect the industry’s dynamism and innovative power. Together, experts and decision-makers will discuss how aviation products and processes can become even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Trade visitors at ILA

For trade visitors at ILA

  • ILA brings together today’s experts – to discuss issues from green aviation and new space, to material research to industry 4.0.

  • Manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe present their latest innovations.

  • Political delegations learn about state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Government agencies for areas like disaster management discuss the technologies of tomorrow.

  • Programs for economic development select projects to strategically promote.

  • Representatives from research institutions make new industry contacts.

  • Universities present degree programs and recruit the next generation.

ILA 2016: Exhibitors and trade visitors eager to come back in 2018

ILA Berlin is a success story. Just take a look at visitor feedback from 2016: 94 percent of trade visitors were satisfied with ILA, and 85 percent of exhibitors were positively impressed with the quality of trade visitors. Even more important: 93 percent of trade visitors and 82 percent of exhibitors want to return in 2018 – a world of innovation awaits them at the next edition of ILA Berlin.

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