3 questions to Dirk Hoke, CEO Volocopter

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1. Where do you see the aerospace industry in 2050, which technologies that are not commonly used today will we take for granted in the future?

In 2050, we will use electric air taxis the same way we use Uber today. Our globalized world is unimaginable without the aerospace industry. Yet we are at a crossroads, and only those who seriously address the challenges of sustainability in our industry and evolve, will survive.

2. How do we achieve the ambitious sustainability goals? What exactly are the drivers of change here?  

The main driver consists in changing our perspective and way of thinking, which is already in full swing. I personally consider alternative energy sources, from batteries to fuel cells to biofuels, but also completely new types of aircraft, such as our air taxis, to be very important. Here we are only at the beginning of a great change.

3. Was there any development in the industry, that has moved you recently? Which one?

EASA's innovative approach to eVTOLs. Of course I am biased here, but the SC-VTOL has catapulted Europe to the forefront of urban air mobility. What is truly groundbreaking is that this directive already creates the conditions for commercial autonomous operation! And that starting from Europe.