Launch event for the P4P Aviation Safety report

ILA ConferenceCenter, Room GOLF
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Directorate General for Reserach & Innovation
European Commission
1049 Brussels
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The European Union invests significant funds in research across a wide range of interests, via extensive programmes such as the current Horizon 2020 programme. As part of a monitoring activity, the EU is assessing certain research areas to determine how the funding is being spent and how it is benefitting European citizens. A series of studies is underway analysing research projects and their impact on European policy. These studies are called P4P – Projects for Policy.

One such study concerns the area of aviation safety. Its objective is to analyse 160 aviation safety research EU projects under FP7 and Horizon 2020 in order to find scientific evidence to support policy aiming at contributing to safer flights for European citizens. The aim of this study is twofold:

•                Mapping the existing aviation safety policy with the project portfolio to determine to what extent the projects have contributed to safety policy, and attempting to draw meaningful conclusions for future safety policy.

•               Contributing to the definition of a methodology for:

                 –     The large scale systematic analysis of available research project results, their relation to policy, and identifying future policy needs.

                 –     The identification of research needs arising from new policy requirements.

The ILA Berlin Air Show, which brings together over 1,000 highly specialised exhibitors and welcomes more than 125,000 visitors from all over the world, is a perfect occasion for disseminating the results of this study and promoting the final report. The key participants, including the European Commission, EASA, EUROCONTROL and industry will give their views on this.

Draft Agenda

14:00-14:05  Welcome Address
Clara de la Torre, Director for Transport, EC,
                     Directorate-General Research and Innovation

14:05-14:35  Presentation of the final report from the P4P
                     on Aviation Safety

                     Barry Kirwan (EUROCONTROL, Rapporteur),
                     Peter Stuetz (expert)

14:35-14:50  EASA's point of view
Luc Tytgat, Strategy & Safety Management Director, EASA

14:50-15:20  The point of view of the users

  • David McMillan, Flight Safety Foundation
  • Manfred Mueller, Flight Captain, Head of Flight Safety Research at Lufthansa (tbc)
  • Willy Smeulders, European Association of Passengers

15:20-15:50  Questions and Answers

15:50-16:00  Closure
Sebastiano Fumero, Head of Unit, Aviation, EC, Directorate-General Research and Innovation

Contact Person

Andreas Wiesinger
+32 229-64684