Counter UAS - Protecting People, Places and Privacy

ILA ConferenceCenter, Room ALFA
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German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI)
ATRIUM Friedrichstraße 60
10117 Berlin
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The growing popularity of commercially available drones has increased awareness of the possibility for their reckless or malicious use. Drones present an emerging threat to privacy, personal safety, private property and homeland security. German and European companies offer a broad spectrum of counter UAS solutions that provide the necessary defence from the threat of rogue drones. Speakers from ESG, Rheinmetall Air Defence and Telespazio VEGA will introduce their innovative technology solutions for situational awareness, early warning and threat mitigation.

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Oliver Stuchel
German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI)
ATRIUM Friedrichstraße 60
10117 Berlin
T. +49 30 2061 4059