Frequently asked questions and answers

Which subjects are the most important?

Aerospace Technology is a technical field of study. Good knowledge in maths, physics and chemistry are helpful for studying. You definitely you should bring along enthusiasm for maths. If you dislike integral and differential calculus, you should reconsider you choice of study. Eventually you will calculate satellite orbits or rockets in the future. And how will that work out without Knowledge in physics and maths?

Which average grades are necessary?

Depending from universities the grades differ. Most of the universities have a number of waiting terms. The higher your average grades the less waiting terms.

What are the jobs in aerospace and aviation?

Here you can find an overview about different Job opportunities.



How do I get an internship or a job in aviation and space?

There are a lot of online job sites for the aviation industry that also offer internships such as:


Job offers on company websites, e.g.



Do I need foreign languages?

Besides technical understanding and the ability to think logically, it is important that you have profound knowledge in English. When doing practical work you definitely need English in the international aviation industry.

Which universities in Germany offer studies in aerospace and aviation?

Here you will find an overview of universities that offer studies in these fields:


What does the market situation, future perspectives and chances of a permanent position look like?

The perspectives in aviation are very promising. Parallel to the increasing sales rates the demand of qualified personnal rises. Employers try to meet the upcoming personnal shortage by offering attractive job packages and a good chance for a permanent job.

How much do I earn?

Generally Jobs in aviation are very well paid. The average yearly salary is about 56,256 Euros.