World‘s first holistic and scientifically-proven solution to reduce jet lag and increase passenger well-being.

jetlite is the leading supplier regarding jet lag reducing cabin lighting solutions in aviation industry.

Within this context, jetlite proposes two ways of implementing their application: jetlite Cabin One and jetlite Cabin X, both based on scientific research about the chronobiological effectiveness of lighting.

Toni Garrn, co-founder of jetlite
Jetlite Product Details

jetlite initiated applied research regarding the “Increase of PAX-comfort on long-haul flights due to chronobiological adapted Cabin-Lighting (CL)”. Based on these findings jetlite developed jetlite Cabin One - chronobiological effective Cabin Lighting Scenarios.

Very good experiences with jetlite Cabin One in various aircraft types (A330, A350, B777X, B787) lead to the development of a holistic jet-lag-reduction-concept based on the collected information. Central point of this modular concept is jetlite Cabin X - the jelite software - which is applied in aircraft as an algorithm taking into account flight-time, -duration, -direction, time difference between origin and destination etc. to steer the Cabin-Lighting in the most chronobiological effective way.

lite2fix is a huge step towards cabin automation. Adding value to the aircraft manufacturer, airlines and the passenger.