Jetlag - A common problem and how to mitigate it (with Toni Garrn)

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Attention: Location changed to Open Marketplace in the International Supplier Center in Hall 6 !!!
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Attention: Location changed to Open Marketplace in the International Supplier Center in Hall 6 !!!


More than 60% of all passengers on long-haul flights suffer from jetlag - with possible far-reaching consequences. After a flight over several time zones, the sleep-wake cycle is clearly disturbed, hormone production and body temperature get out of step. Tiredness, dizziness, mood swings, gastro-intestinal problems or headaches are just a few common symptoms. Furthermore, jetlag can have an impact on the economy as the performance and well-being of business travelers are affected. 

In this conference, we would like to give you an overview of the common problem jetlag and the scientific research that has been conducted on how to mitigate jetlag. And in conclusion, what solutions jetlite can offer to increase the comfort of passengers suffering from jetlag and help airlines to differentiate from competition.




10:30 Doors open


11:00 Beginning of Conference 


    1. Introduction and moderation // Lukas Kirchner (Head of Marketing, PR & Events @ Hamburg Aviation)

    2. Jetlag as a common problem // Toni Garrn (Co-Founder @ jetlite) 

    3. A scientific background on how to reduce jetlag // Dr. Achim Leder (Co-Founder & Managing Director @ jetlite)

    4. jetlite's holistic approach to mitigate jetlag // Iwana Johannsen (Business Development @ jetlite)

    5. The role of start-ups in the German aviation industry // Volker Thum (Managing Director @ BDLI)


12:00 End of Conference


Important Notice:

This conference requires registration as seating capacity is limited. You will receive a confirmation from jetlite. jetlite withholds the right to reject admission if capacity is fully stretched.



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