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April 25 – 29, 2018
Berlin ExpoCenter Airport
Solutions for any mission

ILA 2016 – THE European Platform for the International Helicopter Sector

The helicopter segment of the ILA Berlin Air Show is one of the top established trade fair marketplaces in Europe for procurement, operations, maintenance and upkeep, training, mission-specific applications and financing of modern helicopters.
The civilian and state areas of responsibility – air rescue, aerial work, border patrol and police operations, as well as a range of military topics including “combat search and rescue (CSAR)” and marine helicopters – will be presented in a separate exhibition area.

Successfull premiere: The new HeliLounge

The HeliLounge, centrally located among the helicopter displays in Hall 3 was the point of contact for industry representatives. Over the four ILA days, under the heading of ’Meet the Experts’, for anyone interested in helicopters lectures were held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The focus of the conference "Innovative eco-efficient technologies for helicopter manufacturing and flight operations" was eco-efficiency and technological innovations for helicopters. One of the technology highlights at the ILA was the presentation of the Bluecopter by Airbus Helicopters. With its combination of innovative, eco-efficient technology and a new helicopter design, the Bluecopter paves the way for a lower-noise and more fuel-efficient helicopter generation of the future.

Ultra-modern helicopter technology at ILA

At ILA 2016 the helicopter industry presented most modern helicopters and pioneering technology. The focus of the helicopter displays was on civilian and border duties, i.e. offshore operations, commuter flights, air rescue, aerial work, border patrol and police operations, as well as the key military areas of transport and combat search and rescue (CSAR). Leading helicopter manufacturers exhibited at ILA 2016 were Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., The Boeing Company and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

Dr. Wolfgang Schoder, CEO of Airbus Helicopters, Germany, and member of the presidium of BDLI: “This year’s ILA was a major event for the helicopter industry. A visit to the fair was a must for everyone involved in helicopter design, construction and operations as well as new technologies. There were impressive displays of innovative products on the ground and in the air, including the Bluecopter.”
„ It was an absolute pleasure to attend the ILA Berlin Air Show 2016 and the Joint Helicopter Command is so grateful to the organisers of ILA for being allowed to participate in such an important event. Not only was it an opportunity to draw together many partners in our respective Defence communities and an opportunity to promote interoperability but importantly to cement those essential relationships with industry. I would like to thank the organisers of ILA for a most excellently planned and executed air show.“

Major General Richard Felton
Joint Helicopter Command, British Armed Forces


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