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Civil Aviation
April 25 – 29, 2018
Berlin ExpoCenter Airport
Check-in for sustainable aviation

Civil Aviation: Innovation for Global Mobility

The civil aviation continues its successful path thanks to innovative technologies, eco-efficiency and improved fleet- and traffic management in operations and infrastructure. No other ILA Berlin Air Show branch segment concentrates currently so many global chances and challenges as the commercial aviation. Germany - as ‚Home Base’ of the oldest and most prestigious trade exhibition of the world is also the leading market for sustainable mobility and renewable energy. Thus it is an important hub for providers of innovative aircraft, its modern engines and peripheral systems.

More ecology and economy for civil aviation

The fast growing global mobility demand in global air travel particularly in the Asia-Pacific region can only be met with modern low-emission- and low noise aircraft. The ILA documents how the entire industry meets the challenge of tomorrow.

TOP Conferences

The ILA Berlin Air Show is again in 2016 the ideal platform for current topics of civil aviation. It is not only for manufacturers and airlines but for all participants an indispensable forum. This year the focus lies on specific content aspects of sustainability and technological innovations.


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